Update 4: Instant War Goes Airborne!

The new update is live!

Explore our new features:


  • Airports & Airstrikes - Call in your Air Force to surprise your enemies and strike from the skies!
  • Map Redesign with Biomes - Lead your troops through tough terrains, from snowy mountains to tropical jungles.
  • Single Player Campaign - Explore the game mechanics with our engaging storyline and defeat an epic villain!
  • Avatars - Custom avatars for Players and Alliances.
  • New Language - Arabic language support.
  • Notifications Overhaul - Configure your notification settings.

Instant War HQ over and out.

Update 3: A New Force Emerges

The new update is live!

Explore our new features:


  • World Domination Event! A heavily-guarded fortress appeared at the center of the world! Compete with other alliances to capture it and rule the server!
  • Government Rule with an iron fist in a velvet glove! Decide who thrives and who suffers under your command!
  • HQ Customisation Watch your HQ improve visually every 5 levels! And Customize your HQ with special skins!
  • Random Rewards Visit regularly to claim useful items
  • Account Linking! Now you can play one account on all devices
  • Quality of life features Additional notifications and pop ups for useful information, various UI improvements…
  • Scouting Revamped with better customization and additional information and more!

Happy marching Commanders!

Balancing Changes

Recover more, Recruit faster!

Commanders, we’ve got some good news...

After checking a lot of reports from you and a serious discussion about the effects that will bring, we are happy to announce that some major changes are live at your disposal.

We’ve increased the Recruitment Capacity and reduced Recruitment Speed of your barracks, so you can train more and faster right now.

Additionally, we’ve also increased the Recovery Capacity. As a side effect the Load Capacity has been reduced so you’ll need to send a bit more units for gather marches.

This change will bring more security to lower level players as they will have higher number of armies quicker and they will be more protected from outside malicious actions.

From Instant War HQ, Happy Hunting

Update 2

Greetings All,

Our Team has some fresh news for you. Update 2 is just around the corner and we would like to use this opportunity to introduce one of our new cool features – Instant War News Section! The News section will be easily accessible from the game menu by clicking on the megaphone icon. The link will take you to the Instant War site and Update section where you will find additional information on available and future updates.

If you are wondering what else we have in store for you, please check the amazing new content also part of Update 2 below:

  • Fight against mighty Colossus – go get your alliance members and test your strength on our new Boss
  • Gather Gold from Mines – you will be able to gather gold from mines located on the map
  • NEW Add-on for the Tech District – once built, the Add-on will help you produce extra materials for the crafting
  • Monthly Benefit Pass – once purchased you will receive a daily prize for 30 days

We would also like to tease you a bit and we will share some of the main features planned for Update 3:

  • Cross Platform Account Linking – Each player will have the option to use different devices and play with the same account
  • Central Map Area – The mystery around the dark central space on the World map will be finally revealed

Please share your idea for a new content for Update 3

Happy hunting, Instant War Team!